Best Data Science Blogs to Follow in 2023

Update yourself with the most trusted and reputed sources blogs in the Data Science world.

Data science is the discipline of making data useful.

Data Science is growing at a staggering rate to fulfill the needs of the power-hungry Artificial Intelligence related technologies such as Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning. Due to these rapid changes, individuals and businesses may find it baffling to keep track of the numerous changes in the industry. As the industry gets flooded with newer trends and techniques, businesses may feel the need to understand and adopt these to optimize their data handling and analysis process.

With this article, I aim to highlight some of the most trusted and reputed sources to update yourself with the latest happenings in the Data Science world.

Data really powers everything that we do.
— By Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

Best Data Science Blogs to Follow:

The internet is filled with dozens of articles, newsletters, white papers, and reports about research and in-depth analysis of these trends. We have listed some of the top resources and portals online, that are frequently updated and comprehensively cover everything Data Science.

1. Towards Data Science

best data science blogs

A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas, and codes.

Joined Medium — October 2016

Website link —

Authors — More than 5,000(as of January 2021)
Twitter Followers — 46.4kfollowers(@TDataScience)
Facebook followers — 25,868(@TDataScience)
Linkedin Followers — 202,368(@TDataScience)

Towards Data Science is a Medium publication brewing with audience-oriented content not just about Data Science, but a multitude of related technologies such as Machine Learning, Programming, Visualization, and Artificial Intelligence, spanning across more than 5800 published articles.

Towards Data Science is helping build an ecosystem of content, catering to passionate readers and enthusiasts by giving them access to a plethora of carefully curated posts that spark new ideas and educates them.
The platform welcomes insightful people to share their take on several of these innovations in the form of tutorials, tips, analysis, and hands-on experiences, to the readers. It is among the top trusted sources of gaining reviews and real-life examples of the diverse implementation of the technology.

2. Data Science Central

The Online Resource for Big Data Practitioners.

Founded — 2012
Founded By — Vincent Granville
Website Link —

Twitter Followers — 170.6kfollowers
Facebook Followers — 32,201
Linkedin Followers — 163,021

Data Science Central is one of the leading repositories of Data Science content that is regularly updated with the latest trends across domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analytics, Big Data, and much more.

With over 350 articles, it provides a content-rich platform to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from students, geeks, industry-leading experts, and practitioners in an unambiguous manner. Enthusiasts, as well as its users, are always welcomed at Data Science Central to voice their opinion and present the latest findings from the Data Science world to others.

For readers who share a similar passion for Data Science and related technologies, Data Science Central offers a forum where they can express their thoughts and experiences with others and engage in intuitive discussions.

3. Data Science Reddit

Website Link —
Created On — 6 Aug 2011
Followers — 247kfollowers

A place for data science practitioners and professionals to discuss and debate data science career questions.
Reddit is the world-renowned news and discussion website with hundreds of diverse communities and millions of active users. One such community or subreddit, as Reddit likes to call it, is r/DataScience, which is frequented by over 247 thousand members with an average of over 400 active members at all times.

With over tens of posts every day, members engage over in-depth discussions over various latest trends and techniques, share hands-on experiences, and post their questions on the platform, where the community helps solve them.

Users are free to post their observations and the latest happenings from the Data Science world on the subreddit in the form of text and links, to bring everyone up to speed.

4. KDnuggets

Founded — February of 1993( as a news letter)
Founded By — Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro(co-founder of Data Mining Conferences)
Website Link —

Twitter Followers — 174.7k followers
Facebook followers — 29,956
Linkedin Followers — 18,169

The “KD” stands for “Knowledge Discovery”.

KDnuggets is a well-known and prestigious site on gaining information about some of the rapidly growing technologies in the world, including Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Big Data.

It has more than 500,000 unique visitors every month and over 260,000 cumulative subscribers over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and RSS Feeds. KDnuggets has been covering all the influential events in the world of computer science, conceivably presenting them via blogs, news, webinars, and various tutorials.

KDnuggets offers a broad collection of ready-to-use datasets along with a repository of Data Science-oriented software that may help you get started. To cater to career-oriented readers, KDnuggets has dedicated Courses and Jobs section, offering courses for the most in-demand skills and related job posts.

5. Analytics Vidhya

Founded — 2014
Founded By — Kunal Jain
Website link —

Twitter Followers — 25.7k followers
Facebook followers — 60,817
Linkedin Followers — 75,660

Analytics Vidhya offers a complete Data Science ecosystem through its four vital pillars, which educate you about the top trends in the industry, solidify your fundamentals via online courses, allow you to engage with other individuals over hackathons, and make you a competitive candidate for the various jobs on the platform.
With over 3.2 million monthly visits, it’s one of the good platforms to gain insight into the growing domain of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Readers can find everything from deep dives into various techniques and trends, certified online courses, practice tests, tutorials, access to online contests, and the latest job opportunities from the Data Science world.

6. Data Science | Google News

Link —

Google’s News platform covers the latest trends and bits of information across a wide range of topics, including general news and specific trends in the industry. Being a repertoire of almost every leading source of information on the internet, Google News offers an equally broad range of latest innovations from some of the most reputed Data Science platforms.

With Google’s one-stop solution to all your Data Science news, readers can get access to a sea of information, covering every aspect of the topics. All of this quality information is merely a simple search away on the Google News app or website, simplifying the accessibility.

7. DataCamp

The Smartest Way to Learn Data Science Online

Founded — 2013
Founded By — Martijn Theuwissen, Jonathan Cornelissen, Dieter De Mesmaeker
Website Link —

Twitter Followers — 51.4k followers
Facebook followers — 956,384
Linkedin Followers — 154,920

DataCamp is an industry-leading online course provider for Data Science providing hands-on experience with some of the widely used tools in the Data Science industry, such as Python, R, Scala, Power BI, Excel, tableau and many others. Apart from offering over 300 courses, covering every pivotal process in Data Science, DataCamp offers a Community section that is brimming with content, tutorials, and cheat sheets about the top trends in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and much more.

Avid readers can also freely browse the Resources section to check out white papers and webinars from some of the prominent leaders and researchers in the industry, offering indispensable knowledge to readers.

8. IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub

Website link —

Twitter Followers — 197.4K Followers
Linkedin Followers — 172,482

The multinational giant powering thousands of successful businesses is a pivotal figure in the numerous innovations in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence industry. IBM believes in sharing the knowledge with the world and created IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub for Data Science fanatics and interested readers where all the information is readily accessible in a systematic manner.

Covering aspects such as various industries, technologies, and analytics, IBM offers a 360-degree overview of the numerous industry-specific problems and their solutions in comprehensible formats for deeper understanding.

9. InsideBIGDATA

Your Source for Machine Learning

Founded — August 28, 2011
Run By — Rich Brueckner
Website link —

InsideBIGDATA is one of the popular news platforms that offer regular updates and news about the latest strategies and technologies from the IT world. Covering a wide range of topics across Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, InsideBIGDATA excellently delivers impactful industry perspectives and crucial tips over the mentioned topics.

The information is accurately presented in various formats such as reports, newsletters, resources, white papers, and interviews by some of the top influencers from the domain of Data Science and Big Data.

10. Facebook Data Science Blog

Gaining insights to deliver meaningful social interactions
Link —

Facebook Page Followers — 493,638

The top social media giant Facebook is also a key player in the Data Science industry. The enormous user base of over 2.6 billion users compelled Facebook to invest in reliable and competent Data Science techniques for an in-depth insight into its users.

Due to several key reasons like this, Facebook actively researches about better techniques and innovations for data management and posts their findings in the Facebook Data Science Blog. Readers can get an understanding of the latest research trends and how they impact their users, from some of the prominent Data Science experts at Facebook.

11. DataRobot

Founded — 2012
Founded By — Jeremy Achin, Tom de Godoy
Website link —

Twitter Followers — 16.4k followers
Facebook followers — 5,489
Linkedin Followers — 59,291

DataRobot is a platform that lets businesses adopt Artificial Intelligence automation into their operations, helping them succeed in the tight competition. Apart from incorporating Artificial Intelligence into organizational strategies, DataRobot also provides a vast collection of thoroughly researched resources right from the experts, across several topics such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science, in a very structured manner.

Readers and aficionados can get access to the latest updates from the Data Science and Artificial intelligence world in several popular formats, such as blogs, case studies, white papers, podcasts, videos, analyst reports, and more.


Educational resources for data professionals
Founded — 2012
Founded By — Tony Shaw
Website link —

Twitter Followers — 22.5k followers
Facebook followers — 6,495
Linkedin Followers — 5,884

DATAVERSITY strives to deliver a rich understanding of the several unique innovations in the Data Science industry to its audience, primarily consisting of businesses, IT professionals, developers, and experts, dealing with data on a day-to-day basis.

With crucial insights gathered from various sources including, case studies, conferences, online events, webinars, numerous research reports, and expert opinions, the goal is to deliver a single source of information to its diverse audience. Readers can get access to live webinars, white papers, online training material, blogs, and articles, where they break down complex innovations, to paint a clearer picture for the reader.

With the rapid rise in the demand of Data Scientists, the need to educate oneself about the latest innovations in the industry has become imperative. With the internet being a vast collection of information about virtually everything imaginable, it might become challenging to find the right source of knowledge. With this article, we aim to simplify your search with 12 platforms that conveniently educate you about why Data Science exists and how you can keep up with the various changes in technology.