Annual Tour to Cox’s Bazar 2022: A Paradise Awaits

Due to the health risks during the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t go on our annual office tour for 2 years. However, this year, we’ve planned our annual tour just like before, and our destination is the world-famous Cox’s Bazar sea beach. So, our annual tour to Cox’s Bazar 2022 will start from the 22nd of October and continue until the 25th of October. All team members were very excited to explore Cox’s Bazar, the longest sea beach in the world.

Insightin Team

Departure for Cox’s Bazar:

We all arrived at the Kalabagan Saintmartin¬†Paribahan bus counter on October 21st at night by 10pm. We had a reserved bus, so we left the bus on time. We left the bus for Cox’s Bazar from Kalabagan at 11pm.

In the middle of the night, the bus arrived in Comilla and we took a short break. We all had a light breakfast together and got back on the bus. After a light sleep, everyone got off in Chittagong in the morning and had tea and coffee before setting off again. At 7:30 AM, we reached Cox’s Bazar and checked in at Seagull Hotel.

check in at hotel seagull

First Day of the Tour:

Everyone freshened up, had a buffet breakfast, and went to their rooms to rest for a while. According to the tour plan, we started a friendly beach football match at 11:30 am. The football match started between the  Team Shakib Khan and the Team Ananta Jalil.

Team shakib khan

Team Shakib Khan’s captain was our UX Architect Omar Faruk and Team Ananta Jalil’s captain was Senior Digital Specialist Shahriar Ibne Azam.

Team Ananta Jalil

The match lasted for a total of 40 minutes in 20-minute intervals. After a lot of tough competition, the match ended in a 2-2 draw. Later, Team Shakib Khan won in the tie-breaker.

Friendly beach football match

Congratulations to Team Shakib Khan.

Champion tem

After the game, we went to the hotel and dived into the pool.

Everyone went to the famous restaurant Shalik in Cox’s Bazar to have lunch. After eating delicious food at Shalikh, we went back to the hotel. In the afternoon, everyone wandered around the city and the beach on their own. We had dinner in the same Shalik restaurant and back to the hotel after dinner.

Team at shalik restaurent

Second Day of the Tour:

The next day, on 23rd October 2022, after having a buffet breakfast at the Seagull Hotel, our team started the next event. We had planned a team-building event for this day. This game was played with three teams: Team A, Team B, and Team C.

The captain of Team A was Tech Lead Ariful Haque

The captain of Team B was Data Engineer Tech Lead Shamim Hasan

The captain of Team C was Senior Digital Specialist Shahriar Ibne Azam.

Each team had 7 players. The game was monitored by 3 judges. The judges were UX Architect Omar Faruk, Senior Tech Lead Mozammel Haque, and VP of Engineering Joynul Abadin.

The rules of the game are that the team that can carry a saucer to a specified distance on their knees first will win. The team with the least number of saucer that fall to the ground will win.

Team building event

The fun of the game is that the saucer must be carried to the specified distance by seven people, meaning one person must carry it to the other person’s knee on their knees, and the saucer must be transferred to the other person’s knee through the knee. There was a lot of fun in it. This creates trust between one person and another, and each player has to be very confident. And so that everyone in the team does not make any mistakes, everyone encourages and inspires everyone else. So, it was a fantastic team-building event.

Team building event celebration

At the end of the game, Team C was declared as the winner. Congratulations to Team C! They rewarded a team lunch at Sultan’s Dine, a renowned restaurant in Dhaka.

After completing the event, we returned to Shalik Restaurant to have lunch. We had various types of vegetables, Silver pomfret fish fry, and chicken rezala for lunch. After lunch, we returned to the hotel and everyone hung out together.

In the afternoon, we started our last event of the tour, which was a raffle draw.

Raffle draw event

The rules of the raffle draw are that our CEO Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury and Managing Director Mostofa Haider will call each person one by one and he will draw a lottery from a box. Whatever is written on the paper, he will get that gift. Some people got Bluetooth headphones, some got smart watches, some got pen drives, some got Bluetooth speakers, and so on.

After the raffle draw fun event we roamed around the city. We gathered at Shalik restaurant at 8 pm for dinner. We ordered coral fish and chicken bar-b-Q in advance. Everyone enjoyed their meal, and after dinner, we went back to the hotel. At night, we played billiards at the hotel game room and had a great time.

Playing biliard

Third-Day of the Tour:

On the following day, after having breakfast, we left for Dhaka at 9 AM. In Chittagong City, we had lunch at the renowned Kutum Bari Hotel. Had lunch with Mezban dish, boarded the bus, and returned to Dhaka at 9 PM.

So we relax on the sand, swim in the sea, and enjoy fun activities in this annual tour to Cox’s Bazar 2022. Every member was happy and brought lots of unforgettable memories with them.

The overall organization of this memorable tour was managed by Omar Faruk, Faisal Ahmed, and Shahriar Ibne Azam. Special thanks to Shahriar Ibne Azam’s friend Rajib.